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OCPodcasters Meeting Notes - 1/10/2007 at OC Podcasters

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OCPodcasters Meeting Notes - 1/10/2007

Future Meeting Topic Suggestions

* Podcasts Types
- Enhanced Podcasts
- Videocasting tutorial

* Podcasting Software
- Software Tool Demonstrations: Audacity, Garage Band, Podcast Station, PodProducer
- Technology behind the websites to get the podcast on the web: Websites, File Hosting, RSS Feed
- Tools: How to put a podcast together.
- Tools: What tools are still needed but not available.
- Podcasting on the cheap/open source software
- What do all of the filters in audacity do to sound
- Understanding the terminology behind audio production
- Podpress Plugin: Demonstration, Configuration, WordPress Integration

* Podcasting Hardware
- Microphone Techniques
- Audio Hardware discussion: Microphones, Compressors, Mixining Boards, etc.

* Podcasting Websites/RSS
- Dedicated WordPress section (Blogging Tool Discussion)
- Website with Podcast
- RSS Feedtricks, techniques
- Software Development Lifecyle of Websites (Dev, Stage, Production)

* Podcasting Services
- Talkshoe - Live podcast/audience interactive tool

* Podcasting Techniques
- Optizime Sound Quality
- Export on Voice Techniques: Improve quality before it hits the microphone
- Quality of technology (Sound)

* Podcasting Production
- How to record better with better quality with the current equipment
- Workshops (Outside the regular monthly meeting)
- Presentation on what is done to make a show
- How to fine time to podcast and keep passion to work it
- Group Critiques (Feedback from each other to provide constructive criticism)
- Building a podcast from the ground up
- Podcast Theme/Topic Generation (What do I want to do? What do I want to talk about?)
- Converting existing website (content) into a podcast
- Production Process Styles:
. Live v. Post-Production
. Script v. Freeform
- What do you do in the production process (Concept to final product)

* Podcasting Metrics
- Metrics Tools and Comparisons: Podtrack, Libsyn
- Statistical Tracting
- Monotizing, Ads, Sponsorship
- Analystics in the Podcast vs. Website
- Community/Audience Building

* OCPodcasters Group
- Promote OCPodcasters as a group with a public face
- Community Presence, Recording in Public (Public Awareness)
- Group Members each can teach a topic to the group
- Understanding tech enough to help others start
- Tieing your podcast to improve your day job

* Podcasting and Legal Issues
- Legal Nature of Creative Commons and usage
- Legal Topics

Possible Meeting Structure Ideas
- 60 minutes freeform to start then presentation on topic

Possible Organization Structure Ideas
- Create an organization committee to create a structure to be ratified by the whole organization.
- Different Committees: Executive, Marketing/Community Relations, Website, Podcast, Education, Promotion, etc.

Next Meeting:
- February 21, 2007 - 6:30 PM
- Jason Watts (History Podcast) to present a How to Podcast demonstration

Special Thanks go out to Gregory Lemon for taking notes and typing this out.

2 Responses to “OCPodcasters Meeting Notes - 1/10/2007”

  1. 1 creepycat

    you mean to tell me that you got all that stuff in one 60minute podcast meeting? was the speaker at 76rpm? lol

    miss you guys. i’m always at work when you are at the meeting but i’ll schedule off for the next one.

    kisses and claws,

  2. 2 Gregory Lemon

    And I felt like I missed stuff!

    The upcoming meetings are going to be great. There are so many things to learn about podcasting. I’ve really enjoyed the meetings so far.

    - Greg