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OC Podcasters Podcasting Users Group in Orange County, CA 2009-04-08T20:14:21Z WordPress admin <![CDATA[Brian Mundy - - OC Podcasters April Meetup]]> 2009-04-08T20:14:21Z 2009-04-08T19:27:13Z Brian Mundy

Brian Mundy will be discussing starting a new podcast , the PR prep work for getting on social networks and getting the new podcasts website up and running.  [RSVP Here]

We’ll also be streaming this live at and will be made available for download on our website at a later date.

2980 McClintock Way 
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
admin <![CDATA[March Meeting Video - Wordpress interfacing with 3rd party services]]> 2009-03-21T07:58:58Z 2009-03-21T07:58:58Z Jason Tucker over at his blog have posted a write up about his presentation at the March OC Podcasters meeting. For links to the PDF of the presentation and links to the video download go to his blog post at: Presentation - Wordpress and 3rd Party Web Applications - OC Podcasters

Presentation - Wordpress and 3rd Party Web Applications - OC Podcaster

admin <![CDATA[Jason Tucker - Wordpress interfacing with 3rd party services - OC Podcasters March Meetup]]> 2009-03-10T18:17:43Z 2009-03-10T18:16:33Z


For our March OC Podcasters meeting we’re meeting at the Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County. We will be discussing Wordpress and interfacing it with outside services such as Facebook. We will be using an overhead projector demoing this so please bring a laptop, the facility provides internet access so you can follow along on your own wordpress installation. If you are new to wordpress we will be discussing some beginner topics as well.

We’ll also be streaming this live at and will be made available for download on our website at a later date.

(Mapping software, in-car gps and online mapping don’t work for this address just yet)

Printable map:

I-5 South
Take exit 96A for Sand Canyon Ave 0.2
Turn left at Sand CAnyon Ave 436 ft
Turn Right at Marine Way 0.5 mi
Turn right after passing through OC Great Park gate and follow Marine Way 1.4mi, Food bank is on the right side.

I-5 North
Take exit 96 for Sand Canyon Ave 0.3
Turn right at Sand Canyon Ave 322 ft
Turn left at Marine Way 0.5mi
Turn right after passing through OC Great Park gate and follow Marine Way 1.4mi, Food bank is on the right side.

I-405 South
Take Exit 3 for Shady Canyon Dr / Sand Canyon Ave 0.3
Turn left at Sand Canyon Ave 1.9 mi
Turn right at Marine Way 0.5mi
Turn right after passing through OC Great Park gate and follow Marine Way 1.4mi, Food bank is on the right side.

CA-133 South
Take exit 12 for Irvine Blvd 0.4 mi
Turn right at Irvine Blvd 0.2 mi t
Turn left at Sand Canyon Ave 1.8 mi
Turn left at Marine Way 0.5 mi
Turn right after passing through OC Great Park gate and follow Marine Way 1.4mi, Food bank is on the right side.

CA-133 North
Take exit 10 to merge onto I-5 N 1.0 mi
Take ext 96 for Sand Canyon Ave 0.3 mi
Turn right at Sand Canyon Ave 322 ft
Turn left at Marine Way 0.5 min
Turn right after passing through OC Great Park gate and follow Marine Way 1.4mi, Food bank is on the right side.

If you have any suggestions on topics you would like discussed at our upcoming events please reply post a message in the meetup message board:

admin <![CDATA[Douglas E Welch - “Spreading the Word”- OC Podcasters February Meetup]]> 2009-01-24T17:28:44Z 2009-01-24T17:28:05Z For our February 11th OC Podcasters meeting we have a speaker lined up, Douglas E. Welch. We’re asking that you PLEASE RSVP so we can get a headcount for how many will be attending.

Douglas E WelchHow to use social media, in all its forms, to support your podcast, without going mad in the process.

Having a social media presence is an important part of every podcasters marketing strategy, but how do you do it without spending more time marketing than producing your shows. Douglas E. Welch shows you how to hook all the parts together so that an action on one social media service can easily propagate to many others — spreading the word, without wearing you out.

You can find more info and where to RSVP at

OC Podcasters is planning to stream via uStream during the event.

admin <![CDATA[Orange County Podcasters January Meetup - SAM ASH]]> 2009-01-21T17:13:56Z 2009-01-21T08:58:00Z SAM ASH

For our January OC Podcasters meeting we’re meeting at SAM ASH for a presentation on audio hardware and software in their on site recording studio.


For more store events & information, log onto:
Claude Strillio will be demonstrating various podcasting gear
& applications for Orange County Podcasting Members
WEDNESDAY • 01/21/09 • 6:00PM - 8:00PM
Westminster • 14200 Beach Blvd. • (714) 899-2122

admin <![CDATA[New Media Expo sold to BlogWorld]]> 2008-12-10T19:15:05Z 2008-12-10T19:15:05Z

Tim Bourquin announced today on his blog that New Media Expo has been sold to BlogWorld. OC Podcasters has had a booth at this event for the last few years and we’ve enjoyed being part of Podcast Expo and New Media Expo. We’re looking forward to seeing what comes out of this purchase. Let us know your feeling about this in the comments or at the December meeting.

admin <![CDATA[iPhone 2.2 update includes podcast download support.. kinda]]> 2008-11-21T18:53:36Z 2008-11-21T17:59:02Z James Lewin over at posted on their blog about the latest iPhone 2.2 update and how it now has over the air (or wifi) podcast download support. Ron’s podcast GriddleCakes Radio was used as the demo podcast for the screenshots on the walkthrough. After reading James posting about this I can see that we kinda got what we wanted, downloadable podcasts over the air but with some hoop jumping required to make it work. Its not 100% perfect but it does get the job done. Also, podcasts need to be 10mb or less in order for them to be downloadable over the cellular network and can be any size for over WiFi. I recently posted about this on our mailing list over at

[iPhone 2.2 Update adds podcast downloads] -

admin <![CDATA[Speaker: DJ Steve Boyett - Podrunner - December Meeting]]> 2008-12-10T17:16:29Z 2008-11-21T16:03:03Z For our December OC Podcasters meeting we have a speaker lined up, DJ Steve Boyett. We’re asking that you PLEASE RSVP on the meetup site so we can get a headcount for how many will be attending.

As a writer Steve Boyett has published novels, short stories, and feature screenplays. In 1999 he took some time off from writing, and during this period he learned to play the didgeridoo, a unique Australian wind instrument. This led him to learn about digital recording, which led to composing electronica, which led to DJing. Which, as everybody knows, leads straight to heroin.

He swore he’d never be a DJ. When he started DJing, he swore it was just for fun and he’d never play out. When he started playing out, he swore it would only be at parties. When he started playing small clubs, he decided the smartest thing to do would be to swear never to become filthy, stinking rich.

Steve has played clubs in Hollywood, Vegas, San Francisco, and Reno; Burning Man; conventions; after parties; and private events. He produces three of the world’s most popular music podcasts: Podrunner and Podrunner: Intervals (workout music mixes), and Groovelectric (dance music mixes of what he calls New Old Funk). His novel Ariel will be reprinted in summer 2009, and his novel Elegy Beach will be published in fall 2009.

You can find more info and where to RSVP at

OC Podcasters is planning to stream via uStream during the event.

admin <![CDATA[Speaker: Matthew Wayne Selznick - November Meeting]]> 2008-12-01T18:28:46Z 2008-11-03T20:43:56Z For our November OC Podcasters meeting we have a speaker lined up, Matthew Wayne Selznick. We’re asking that you PLEASE RSVP so we can get a headcount for how many will be attending. If we exceed our facilities capacity we may have to relocate to another location for this meeting. Too many people is always a good problem to have. We’ll keep you up to date via this mailing list or our website.

Matthew Wayne Selznick is an author, podcaster, musician and evangelist for the DIY (Do it Yourself)  ethic. He launched his first podcast on October 15, 2004, The MWS Media Radio Show Podcast (later the DIY Endeavors Podcast) and was one of the first podcasters to feature non-RIAA music exclusively. Since that time, he has produced four different podcasts and appeared as a guest or reader on many others. He works as a consultant helping small companies create their own podcasts, speaks at conferences and conventions about podcasting and new media, and is quoted in “Tricks of the Podcasting Masters” and other books.  Matt’s current podcast is a personal “ego-cast,” Sonitotum.

Matthew made a strong run up the Amazon Charts with his first book, “Brave Men Run — A Novel of the Sovereign Era,” reaching #3 in Action & Adventure and #53 overall. “Brave Men Run” is also available for free in audio form at and several e-book editions including Amazon Kindle, iPhone / iPod Touch and DRM-free formats. Following his DIY ethic, most of his music is released with a Creative Commons Music Sharing license and is available for podcasters to use in their shows.

Matthew will speak about the huge marketing, promotional and most importantly community value creating a podcast edition of a book can bring an author.  While his experience is primarily with fiction, he will also touch on how non-fiction authors can use podcasting. His success with “Brave Men Run” is comparable and in some cases far exceeded by other podcast novelists — Matthew will relate their stories and take questions.  Copies of the Swarm Press paperback edition of “Brave Men Run — A Novel of the Sovereign Era” will be available for purchase from the author after his talk.

You can find more info and where to RSVP at

OC Podcasters is planning to stream via uStream during the event.

Jason Tucker <![CDATA[October Meeting 2008 - High Quality Video & Audio]]> 2008-11-24T03:21:19Z 2008-10-23T17:59:13Z

OC Podcasters Meeting for October 2008.

In the video we discuss podcasting, new media and social networking and the hardware and software that is used to create our podcasts We also go around the room and have our members and visitors introduce themselves to the group.

Video captured by Jacob Morales of

Jason Tucker <![CDATA[October Meeting 2008]]> 2008-10-10T15:07:03Z 2008-10-10T15:07:03Z Below is video captured using’s application for jailbroken iPhones. Video was streamed live to and later transferred to In the video we discuss podcasting,  new media and social networking that is used to create our podcasts and drive traffic to our sites. We had a pro videographer in the group take video of this meeting and we will be releasing that video soon as well. For now this shaky qik capture will have to do.

Youtube link:

Jason Tucker <![CDATA[Signups for the OC Podcasters Flyer & Booth]]> 2008-07-21T06:07:07Z 2008-07-21T06:07:07Z Hey everyone -

We need to go ahead and get everyone signed up for our live podcasting booth schedule for New Media Expo (which is less than a month away). On the July 27th we’ll be opening the schedule up to outsiders, after which OC members can not be guaranteed a slot if it fills up. It only takes a minute to sign up for a time slot on the wiki:

It’s also time to put together the OC Podcasters flyer that we’ll be handing out at the booth. You can once again have your show’s logo on the flyer for a very small amount of money. This year the pricing is tiered based on how soon you pay:

- $25 if you pay by this Wednesday, July 23th

- $35 if you pay by July 27th

- $45 if you pay by August 3rd

Obviously it’s best for everyone, including you, if you take care of this sooner rather than later.

Your artwork is due to Gregory Lemon by August 3rd, art will not accepted after this date. Dimensions are 600×600, the standard 300×300 is ok but may not look the best on the flyer. If you’re unsure of file formats and such, please check with him before the due date. An email has been sent out to everyone with Gregory’s contact info.


Jason Tucker <![CDATA[Social Media in Plain English]]> 2008-06-05T18:55:57Z 2008-06-05T18:55:57Z
Social Media in Plain English from leelefever on Vimeo.

Social Media in Plain English

Jason Tucker <![CDATA[“Podcasting 101″ on KCBS with Tim Coyne & Lance Anderson]]> 2008-04-16T15:54:16Z 2008-04-16T15:54:16Z

KCBS News segment on the fundamentals and history of podcasting, featuring Tim Coyne of The Hollywood Podcast and Lance Anderson of Verge of the Fringe. Reported by Tech Check’s Rich DeMuro… Shot on April 14, 2008 by Tim of KCBS/KCAL at the Verge of LA Studio 101 at The Brewery Art Colony in Los Angeles, California.

Jason Tucker <![CDATA[Video - March Meeting - Dan Klass]]> 2008-03-13T20:47:20Z 2008-03-13T20:47:20Z Thank you to all that participated in the video taping of Dan Klass at the OC Podcasters meeting on 3/12/2008. We had a great turn out with lots of interaction in the audience. Below is the video captured from the event, it is available in FLV and MP4for your pleasure.

If you captured any photos of the event please post them on the OC Podcasters flickr pool : 


Jason Tucker <![CDATA[OC Podcasters March Meeting - Dan Klass]]> 2008-03-10T23:18:30Z 2008-03-10T23:18:30Z dan_parrot_head.pngWe’re very happy to announce that our March meeting will feauture author, producer, and all-around fun guy Dan Klass. Co-author of “Podcasting Solutions” and host of “The Bitterest Pill,” Dan has been a shaping force in podcasting since the early years (yes, we’re far enough along to refer to the “early years”). He’ll be regaling us with enchanting stories of his experiences in the trenches and other pearls of podcasting wisdom that will enrich the lives of everyone present. Don’t miss this one!

If you live in the Southern California area and are a podcaster or are interested in podcasting stop by:

We will be streaming live over on Wednesday March 12th at 7:00 PDT you can find us at:

Jason Tucker <![CDATA[OC Podcasters in iProng Magazine]]> 2008-02-06T00:42:23Z 2008-02-06T00:42:23Z Our very own Paul McElligott wrote an article in the February issue of iProng Magazine. The three page story starts on Page 16 with four great pictures taken by Paul McElligott and Ron Ploof.
If you haven’t already done so already:

Download the February 5th issue of iProng Magazine now for free
- or -
Subscribe for free through iTunes and get every issue automaticallyFeb issue of iProng Magazine

Jason Tucker <![CDATA[Recording at the Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County Grand Opening]]> 2008-01-23T19:11:15Z 2008-01-23T19:11:15Z Our official organization name is Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County. We are a non profit affiliate of Council of Orange County, Society of St. Vincent de Paul. We are also a member of America’s Second Harvest the Nation’s Food Bank Network.

We were founded in October 1983. You should be able to find many facts and figures at our web site,
Our founders name is Dan Harney
Director: Joe Schoeningh
General Manager: Jerry Creekpaum
Board President: Bob Whiton

On the web site you will also find a video from our capital campaign that has some interesting shots of the old and the new. There are also numerous pictures of the new building.

The Board conducted an $8.5million capital campaign to turn this building into a food bank. The theme of the capital campaign is/was: Within Our Reach. A copy of the logo can be found on our web site. It is a stylized drawing of an adult holding a child up to reach an orange on a tree.

Interviews and angles:
Agencies - How does the new facility help their agency?
Regular Volunteers - Is it an easier place to be a volunteer - potential to be more efficient?
Board Members - How do they think that the new facility will impact the community? What was it like trying to raise the money?
Staff - How does the new facility impact their job? How is it different then the old building?

Thanks to all of you that have volunteered to be a part of this project.

Attached is the audio captured at the Jan 9th meetup where Bob talked about the event and suggested some angles on how to cover it. We would like to have both audio and video captured at this event. Saturday, January 26th at 10am is when the event begins, we would like to meetup before the start of the event for breakfast. A followup posting and email to our mailing list will contain all of this info.

-Jason Tucker

]]> 0 Jason Tucker <![CDATA[Douglas E Welch speaks at OC Podcasters [video]]]> 2007-12-14T19:58:03Z 2007-12-14T19:58:03Z We had Douglas E Welch come speak at our OC Podcasters meeting on December 12th His talk was entitled: “What’s Next and What Needs to be Next in Podcasting.” We’ll be posting both Audio and Video versions of this presentation.

[bliptv Dewelch-PresentationToTheOCPodcasters745]

Jason Tucker <![CDATA[Douglas E Welch speaks at OC Podcasters [audio]]]> 2007-12-14T19:53:57Z 2007-12-14T19:53:57Z We had Douglas E Welch come speak at our OC Podcasters meeting on December 12th His talk was entitled: “What’s Next and What Needs to be Next in Podcasting.” We’ll be posting both Audio and Video versions of this presentation.

Jason Tucker <![CDATA[December Speaker: Douglas E Welch]]> 2007-12-10T23:21:32Z 2007-12-10T23:21:32Z cip-logo-lg-new.jpg

Douglas E Welch of (a proud member of Friends in Tech) will be speaking at our Wednesday December 12th meetup. “Podcasting : What’s Next…and What needs to be next!”

More info about our December meeting

Jason Tucker <![CDATA[OC Podcasters meeting recording 10/14]]> 2007-11-21T09:52:58Z 2007-11-21T09:52:58Z From OC Podcasters

Meeting minutes taken by: Jason Watts

Elections were held:

  • President: Jason Tucker
  • Vice President: Scott Stys
  • Treasurer: Craig Patchett
  • Membership Chairman: Bob Wright
  • Program Chairman: Megan Evins
  • Community Outreach Chairman: Bill Palmer
  • Education Chairman: Jason Watts

Notes from the meeting:

  • Mission Statement ( update OC Podcasters:About )
  • Name tags, place cards?
  • Manage the times spent on different topics
  • Executive board to decide new name of group
    • Discussion page and article at OCPodcastersNewName
    • So Cal Podcasters and New Media
    • Southern California Podcasters and New Media
  • Add more to formcommittee Sign-up form
    • Descriptions of the groups
  • Wiki pages for different committees with descriptions of the groups and its purpose
  • Monthly events for “How to Podcast” educational seminars (we need to reach these people)
    • Maybe on talkshoe or just a resources page on the wiki like Current events
    • post our podcasting rigs on wiki or new forum
  • Create or use existing forum for newbie podcasters (newmediagear forum)
  • Bill to create a banner or small image that says something like “Proud member of OC Podcasters (or whatever our name is)”
  • Bill also to create an audio ad for members to play in their podcast (optional for members)
  • Ron is reading Wikinomics and The New Influencer’s
  • Secretary role to be different person (of executive board) each meeting
    • person to be chosen at beginning of each meeting
  • Ispeak – transcribes audio
  • Deadline needs to be established on changes to upcoming agenda
  • Executive board needs to approve time period for terms ( OCPodcastersOrganization )
  • Add a calendar to wiki. Research Calendar Extensions
  • December 5th is the date of the executive boards skype call, we need to establish a time for that meeting
Jason Tucker <![CDATA[OC Podcasters interviewed by Viral On Veoh’s Sunny Gault]]> 2007-10-15T14:34:09Z 2007-10-15T14:34:09Z
Online Videos by

We talked with organizers Jason Tucker and Scott Stys to learn more about how PodCamp SoCal got started and what attendees can expect in the future. More media is available on the PodCamp SoCal website. Click here if you’d like to see Flickr photos!

PodCamp SoCal Launches!

Jason Tucker <![CDATA[PodCamp SoCal Audio]]> 2007-10-11T18:43:04Z 2007-10-11T18:43:04Z Podcamp SoCal audio is now available for download. Use the interface above or the link below to access the files:

Jason Tucker <![CDATA[October 10th Meeting notes]]> 2007-10-11T16:16:25Z 2007-10-11T16:16:25Z Our October meetup went quite well and had a decent turnout. The “Show notes” of the meeting are available on our Wiki for your to view.

October 10th Meeting Notes

Jason Tucker <![CDATA[OC Podcasters booth recordings]]> 2007-10-05T23:18:32Z 2007-10-05T23:18:32Z At the Podcast and New Media Expo our members record podcasts every hour at our booth.

Below is the various ways of going about getting these recordings. They are hosted on Podango and please feel free to use these recordings on your own shows.

Link to OC Podcasters page at Podango:

Embeded player:

Jason Tucker <![CDATA[OC Podcasters Booth at the Podcast and New Media Expo]]> 2007-09-13T17:00:38Z 2007-09-13T17:00:38Z This year at the Podcast and New Media Expo we’ll be introducing some new technologies to our booth:

We will be using twitter to send out updates telling people about the schedule at our booth(s). OC and LA Podcasters have a twitter account that we’re asking people to follow. The twitter account is: socalpodcasters which can be followed here: Updates will be sent out 15 minutes before the next timeslot begins to give people time to arrive at our booth and not miss a thing. While at the expo people can send a txt message on their mobile phone to 40404 with the words “follow socalpodcasters” and they will begin receiving updates txt’d to them as they are sent out. This has worked will for other conferences in the past and we hope it will work well for us at the expo. So if you haven’t already got on the twitter bandwagon nows a good time to get your feet wet.

follow socalpodcasters at

OC Podcasters will be streaming live at the expo. We’ll be using TalkShoe as the way for people to interact with us at the expo from the confort of their own home. Since OC Podcasters the the unofficial voice of the expo, we’re hoping that people will come to our TalkShoe sessions and check out what we have to offer. You can send your listeners to our TalkShoe site and they can listen live, download the free ShoePhone or call in via a standard telephone.

Our TalkShoe info:
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Talkcast ID: 52297

Jason Tucker <![CDATA[September Meeting]]> 2007-09-11T20:46:06Z 2007-09-11T20:46:06Z
Click here to check out
The Orange County Podcasters!
Jason Tucker <![CDATA[After Hours Parties at Podcast and New Media Expo]]> 2007-08-24T23:29:29Z 2007-08-24T23:29:29Z I was listening to the Podcast Brothers and they mentioned that they have a list of all of the events going on after hours at the expo. I thought I’d share with you the link they provided to their Wiki.

Thursday OC Podcasters and LA Podcasters will hosting a “party” of their own: Podcamp SoCal 10am - 5PM in the Keynote room at the expo grounds.

Jason Tucker <![CDATA[OC Podcasters Wiki and PME Signups]]> 2007-08-07T19:41:35Z 2007-08-07T19:41:35Z You asked for it and we’ve delivered. OC Podcasters now has its own wiki at: If you are an OC Podcaster and have content to contribute please feel free to do so.

Speaking of wikis our wiki contains the signup sheet for the OC / LA Podcasters booth. Below each schedule is a comments area feel free to leave a comment in that area if you have any questions regarding the schedule of either booth.

Podcast and New Media Expo booth / flyer fees.
This year we’re charging $25 dollars to be listed on the flyer and to have a spot at the booth. This covers your time at the booth (it doesn’t matter how many times you’re going to be at the booth). The flyer consists of your Album art and the name and it’s web address. Recording at the booth is optional.

The funds raised by this will be used to cover the fees of the printing and booth rental costs (carpet, chairs, tables, electric, etc).

Below is our paypal link, you can also pay in person at the August and September meetings.

Jason Tucker <![CDATA[5/9/2007 Meeting]]> 2007-05-10T18:46:37Z 2007-05-10T18:46:37Z Topics Discussed:

  • OC Podcasters booth at the Podcast and New Media Expo in September

  • Podcamp SoCal - Ontario CA - September 27th, 2007
Jason Tucker <![CDATA[Meeting 4/11/2007]]> 2007-04-12T19:07:49Z 2007-04-12T19:07:49Z Jason Watts demonstrated how he records his podcast and the various tools he uses.

  • PDF Guide

Jason Tucker and Scott Stys brought up the topic about PodCamp SoCal. OC Podcasters and LA Podcasters will be hosting this event on Thursday September 27th the day before the Expo.

Scott Stys <![CDATA[Check this out! - OC Podcasters feature story in Podcast User Magazine]]> 2007-04-03T19:38:22Z 2007-04-03T19:38:22Z April 2007 cover

Lance Anderson, celebrity celebrated podcaster from Verge of the Fringe, recently wrote an article in Podcast User Magazine featuring US, the podcasters of Orange County. It’s issue #15 for those of you that aren’t already reading the magazine. You can download the magazine and read the article here. Thanks for the story Lance. It’s very well done and you got all my quotes right!


Jason Tucker <![CDATA[Podenstein]]> 2007-01-15T22:28:37Z 2007-01-15T22:28:37Z If you missed the January Meetup, it was announced that this year, we shall bring Podenstein to Life !. A handout with some information regarding Podenstein in 2007 can be found in a PDF at ocpodcasters_podenstein_070110.pdf

Begun in 2006, the Podenstein audio drama project is a roughly 30 minute Radio Drama style story from Ron of Griddlecakes Radio

“Victor Podenstein is a young, handsome, and brilliant doctor. He has a passion for podcasting, but a voice best for a mime. So he goes off to create the perfect podcasting voice. Dr. Podenstein soon finds that his creation has a life of its own. And then things go terribly wrong.”

Along with the story itself, we also plan to create a promotional teaser and a “How to” documentary. The hope is to learn from the experience, share the lessons learned with others, and potentially submit for discussion at the 2007 Expo. We’ve started a very skeletal blog, to journal the experiments involved in creating Podenstein

While our first need is for voices for all the two dozen parts, we also need more, like the following:

Sound Effects , Score & Theme Music , Gathering and preparing material for the ‘How to’ documentary, Logo and Graphics, Video Editing, Titles, Credits, Promotion (playing the teaser, sharing the feed with friends & family, forum mentions)
… and for the Live Recording Event, plenty of equipment and services will be needed as well.

To get your hands and mind involved with the nuts and bolts of putting this beast together, please visit the blog page ‘The Creation of Podenstein’.

The project email address is

We hope you enjoy Podenstein when the Monster is unleashed!
- William Lundin, (aka YourBuddyBill)
for RoneyZone Productions

Gregory Lemon <![CDATA[OCPodcasters Meeting Notes - 1/10/2007]]> 2007-01-12T00:58:54Z 2007-01-12T00:58:54Z Future Meeting Topic Suggestions

* Podcasts Types
- Enhanced Podcasts
- Videocasting tutorial

* Podcasting Software
- Software Tool Demonstrations: Audacity, Garage Band, Podcast Station, PodProducer
- Technology behind the websites to get the podcast on the web: Websites, File Hosting, RSS Feed
- Tools: How to put a podcast together.
- Tools: What tools are still needed but not available.
- Podcasting on the cheap/open source software
- What do all of the filters in audacity do to sound
- Understanding the terminology behind audio production
- Podpress Plugin: Demonstration, Configuration, WordPress Integration

* Podcasting Hardware
- Microphone Techniques
- Audio Hardware discussion: Microphones, Compressors, Mixining Boards, etc.

* Podcasting Websites/RSS
- Dedicated WordPress section (Blogging Tool Discussion)
- Website with Podcast
- RSS Feedtricks, techniques
- Software Development Lifecyle of Websites (Dev, Stage, Production)

* Podcasting Services
- Talkshoe - Live podcast/audience interactive tool

* Podcasting Techniques
- Optizime Sound Quality
- Export on Voice Techniques: Improve quality before it hits the microphone
- Quality of technology (Sound)

* Podcasting Production
- How to record better with better quality with the current equipment
- Workshops (Outside the regular monthly meeting)
- Presentation on what is done to make a show
- How to fine time to podcast and keep passion to work it
- Group Critiques (Feedback from each other to provide constructive criticism)
- Building a podcast from the ground up
- Podcast Theme/Topic Generation (What do I want to do? What do I want to talk about?)
- Converting existing website (content) into a podcast
- Production Process Styles:
. Live v. Post-Production
. Script v. Freeform
- What do you do in the production process (Concept to final product)

* Podcasting Metrics
- Metrics Tools and Comparisons: Podtrack, Libsyn
- Statistical Tracting
- Monotizing, Ads, Sponsorship
- Analystics in the Podcast vs. Website
- Community/Audience Building

* OCPodcasters Group
- Promote OCPodcasters as a group with a public face
- Community Presence, Recording in Public (Public Awareness)
- Group Members each can teach a topic to the group
- Understanding tech enough to help others start
- Tieing your podcast to improve your day job

* Podcasting and Legal Issues
- Legal Nature of Creative Commons and usage
- Legal Topics

Possible Meeting Structure Ideas
- 60 minutes freeform to start then presentation on topic

Possible Organization Structure Ideas
- Create an organization committee to create a structure to be ratified by the whole organization.
- Different Committees: Executive, Marketing/Community Relations, Website, Podcast, Education, Promotion, etc.

Next Meeting:
- February 21, 2007 - 6:30 PM
- Jason Watts (History Podcast) to present a How to Podcast demonstration

Special Thanks go out to Gregory Lemon for taking notes and typing this out.

Scott Stys <![CDATA[Check out The Scene Zine]]> 2006-10-15T19:30:16Z 2006-10-15T19:30:16Z Marcus Couch and The Scene Zine were inadvertantly left of the flyer, and I’d like to apologize for that. In order to try and make things right, here’s a link to the show.  I encourage everyone go check out the show and while your at it, share the love with a friend so that we can get Marcus the publicity that he unfortunately missed out on.

The Scenezine
Jason Tucker <![CDATA[OC Podcasters recordings from the Podcast Expo]]> 2006-10-10T17:55:29Z 2006-10-10T17:55:29Z This post included the various recording from the OC Podcasters booth recorded live at the Podcast and Portable Media Expo. These recordings are very much so in their RAW format with no editing done to them.

**OC Podcasters**: please leave a comment if the names are incorrect on any of these files and I’ll see to it they are corrected.

Scott Stys <![CDATA[Post Expo Blues -Thanks for the memories]]> 2006-10-02T16:51:04Z 2006-10-02T16:51:04Z As one of the folks that took part in pulling the whole OC Podcasters booth together, I want to say THANK YOU to everyone that helped make this booth and event so much fun and trouble free. The audio stream worked flawlessly, the podcasting went off without a hitch and we managed to fill 16 hours of time with great commentary and fun interviews.

I’m not one to name names, but extra special thanks goes to Adam Christianson of the Maccast for the flyer and shirt design, Craig Patchett of What’s On! for securing the booth and making sure the money got to the venue, Jason Tucker of Geekfit for getting the stream up and running and Gerry Grant of for supplying the PA system that we had to keep lowering the volume on.

Thank you to everyone that took the time to Podcast and work the booth and thanks to everyone that chipped in with financial aid to make it happen.

Everyone ready to start planning for next year?

~Scott Stys the Curbside Investigator

Jason Tucker <![CDATA[OC Podcasters Live at the Podcast Expo]]> 2006-09-28T18:11:41Z 2006-09-28T18:11:41Z The OC Podcasters will be streaming live from the Podcast Expo at booth 619. Click the link below for times and links to listen:

OC Podcasters Live at the Podcast Expo

After the show we will be providing mp3 from each of the hour time slots from the expo.

Show Schedule:

Friday September 29
Time Podcaster #1 Podcaster #2
10am Jason Tucker Russell Turley
11am Craig Patchett Steve Web
12pm Andrew McLaughlin Steve Web
1pm Bob Wright Scott Stys
2pm Paul McElligott Cory (redjazz)
3pm Pod2Peer Jay “Mouse” Vales
4pm Kari of TPS Cat Dumas
Saturday September 30
Time Podcaster #1 Podcaster #2
10am Scott (this married life) Jason (geek fit)
11am Jeremy Vaught  
12pm Cat Dumas Scott Sigler
1pm Victor Cajaio Adam Christianson
2pm Marcus Couch Russell Turley
3pm Gerry Grant Sara Pentz
4pm Steve Holden Adam Christianson
Jason Tucker <![CDATA[OC Podcasters on Behind the Scenes Podcast]]> 2006-09-21T23:56:23Z 2006-09-21T23:56:23Z
OC Podcasters on Behind The Scenes: The Show with the Expectations(BTS #29) 28:15 9/17/2006

With the Podcast Expo only two weeks away (at the time of these interviews), Craig talks with the members of the Orange County Podcasters about their experience at last year’s Expo and their expectations for this year’s.

You can check out the episode by clicking the link below:

Jason Tucker <![CDATA[OC Podcasters Store now open]]> 2006-09-20T22:20:12Z 2006-09-20T22:20:12Z The OC Podcasters store is now open. Adam Christianson has finalized the shirt design and its now available for purchase.

Below is a sample of the variations:

OC Podcaster’s Store

Jason Tucker <![CDATA[Pictures on Flickr]]> 2006-09-14T18:30:51Z 2006-09-14T18:30:51Z Last night there were a number of digital cameras taking pictures of our meetup. We’d like to invite you to share these pictures on our OC Podcasters flickr pool. Flickr is a free service that allows you to upload and share pictures with people. The OC Podcasters Flickr Pool allows members to post pictures of various events related to OC Podcasters.

OC Podcasters Flickr Pool

We also welcome you to take a picture of your “rig” or podcasting setup and post it to the pool for us all to see.

Jason Tucker <![CDATA[OC Podcaster’s Yahoo Groups]]> 2006-09-14T16:32:55Z 2006-09-14T16:32:55Z OC Podcaster’s has a Yahoo Group setup. We are encouraging our members to sign up for this Yahoo Group to keep you up to date with the happenings of the group.

Group Email Addresses

Post message:
Jason Tucker <![CDATA[Podcast Expo payments.]]> 2006-09-12T21:35:27Z 2006-09-12T21:35:27Z OC Podcasters, please make your $35 payment for the OC podcasters booth at the Podcast Expo. If you have already paid either via paypal or in person there is no need to do so again. You can also pay at the meeting tonight at the Fox Sports Grill. Please see Scott Stys or Jason Tucker if you have any questions. We hope to address any concerns tonight at the meeting.

Click here to go to the forum post that contains the paypal link. 

Jason Tucker <![CDATA[Podcast Expo signup sheet]]> 2006-08-16T17:51:54Z 2006-08-16T17:51:54Z Please visit the signup sheet if you are an OC Podcaster and you would like to work the booth either behind the mic or out front of it promoting it.


Jason Tucker <![CDATA[New Member Features]]> 2006-08-11T15:37:25Z 2006-08-11T15:37:25Z Full list of features

  • Forums
  • Members List
    • Extended Profile data viewable on Member List
    • Support for up to 3 separate podcasts
    • Download member promos and/or play them on the website!
  • Events with data pulled from
  • Many more features soon to come.

Members, please update your profiles by logging into the website and editing your Extended Profile.

Jason Tucker <![CDATA[Welcome to the OC Podcasters Group website.]]> 1633540963 2006-08-09T02:29:21Z 2006-08-09T02:29:21Z Welcome to the new website of the OC Podcasters Group. This website is currently being developed “live” and may contain some bugs and other glitches. Please bare with us as we complete the site.

Check out the following sections of the website: